Ortho Evra Birth Control Patch User Stories

The Ortho Evra transdermal birth control patch promised to deliver safe and effective pregnancy prevention while promising to be no more dangerous than conventional birth control devices such as The Pill or intrauterine devices. Furthermore, Ortho McNeil, the manufacturer of Ortho Evra, also claimed that the patch was more convenient than other forms of birth control because it requires only a weekly application rather than a daily pill.

The reality is that the “convenience” of the Ortho Evra patch comes at a price. The reason that the patch only requires a once weekly application is because it contains a weeks' worth of hormones in one concentrated dose. Body heat causes the gradual release of these chemicals, but a defect in the release system or elevated body temperature can cause the skin to absorb too much, possibly resulting in a number of serious and potential fatal side effects.

Unfortunately, many innocent women began to develop serious medical problems due to the Ortho Evra patch. Excessive birth control hormones can cause women with no previous medical history of cardiac problems to develop a condition called deep vein thrombosis (DVT). DVTs are blood clots that usually begin in the legs, the circulatory system can carry them through the body to the brain, heart, or lungs, where they can cause potentially-fatal pulmonary embolisms, cardiac arrests, or strokes.

There are thousands of women and families that have had their lives changed forever because of Ortho Evra. Sometimes the best way to understand your situation is to realize that there are people just like you that have the same worries, concerns, heartbreaks, and anger over the same cause. The courage to take action against the injustice of defective medical devices like the Ortho Evra transdermal birth control patch can often come from the combined strength of all those wronged by this potentially deadly product.

We invite you to share your stories about the patch with all those that pass this way, in the hopes that the word will spread about this always lifechanging and potentially-deadly drug.

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