FAQs on Ortho Evra - Common Questions:

What is Ortho Evra?

Ortho Evra is a form of birth control that attaches to the skin as a patch and releases hormones that help prevent pregnancy.

Why is there a health risk to women who have used Ortho Evra?

Ortho Evra has been demonstrated to release higher levels of estrogen and progestin than other forms of birth control. A higher presence of these hormones in the body can lead to a variety of health problems.

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What kinds of health problems may develop as a result of Ortho Evra?

Women who have used the Ortho Evra patch may be at a higher risk of developing blood clots that may travel through the body and can lead to a stroke or cause other serious injuries - even death.

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How many women have used the Ortho Evra patch?

It is estimated that 4 million women have used Ortho Evra since it became approved in 2002.

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What has the FDA done about Ortho Evra?

The Food and Drug Administration has warned women about the dangers of Ortho Evra and added a black box warning to the packaging of the drug. This warning explains the health risks associated with its use and outlines the contraindications associated with Ortho Evra.

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What should I do if my health has suffered after using Ortho Evra?

If you have experienced symptoms typical of Ortho Evra patch victims, your primary objective should be to seek medical attention. However, you should also discuss your case with a highly regarded and understanding attorney. Nobody should suffer potentially fatal health consequences due to misleading messages about the safety of a drug. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to contact an attorney today.

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